This is a short list of frequently asked questions.

For more information about PEG, or if you need support, please contact us here or use the contact information elsewhere on this page.

A: Pricing is based on tank size and annual usage. Prices do fluctuate with the cost of fuel, so please give us a call to get specifics for your particular needs.

A: We provide a free tank switch-out*! Please see our Get Started page to learn more.

A: We do; however, by participating in our Regular Routing plan, you can save the delivery charge and get an additional 10ยข/gallon off the cost of your purchase. Regular Routing also gives an extra measure of monitoring, lessening the risk of running out and letting air and moisture into the tank. This can cause rust build-up, and decrease the odor level of propane, making it harder to detect. In addition, an empty tank will cause all propane pilot lights to go out.

A: Our office location is administrative, but we are happy to direct you to a retail refill location in your area that is supplied by Pacific Energy Group.

A: Pacific Energy Group specializes in supplying propane for residential, commercial, and agricultural uses, and we do not offer tank recertification.

A: While we specialize in installation and propane supply, we do not offer retail parts.