Propane is used for hundreds of commercial applications, and Pacific Energy Group can assist you in making propane work for you.

Here are some examples:

• Air Heating
• Asphalt Melting (including tar, pitch, and similar materials)
• Asphalt Drying (after coating pipe, roofing paper, etc.)
• Bread and Pastry Baking
  (“Peel” ovens, Continuous “band” ovens, Rotary hearth ovens, “Traveller” ovens, Vertical reel type ovens)
• Boiler Firing – Fire Tube Boilers
• Brick Yard Applications (Brick, sewer tile, etc., kilns)
• Ceramic Applications (Pottery kilns, pottery mould drying)
• Chemical Plant Applications
• Clay Drying in Continuous Ovens and Towers
• Cotton Dryers (including cotton seed sterilizers)
• Deep Fat Frying (potato chips, etc.)
• Die Casting
• Direct Flame Applications
• Dryers (Paint, Cotton, Grain, Rice, Seed, etc.)
• Drying (cloth, leather, metal parts)
• Forklifts
• Forging – Brass, Aluminum, Steel
• Galvanizing
• Glass Bead Fusion Towers
• Glass House Applications
• Heat Treating
• Wire patenting
• Incinerators
• Crematories
• Low Temperature Melting
  (in tanks or kettles not including asphalt melting or varnish cooking)
• Metal Melting
• Laboratory hot plates
• Printing Press Applications
• Smoke Houses—Meat Processing
• Textile Applications
• Vitreous Enameling Applications

Whether in your warehouse, restaurant, manufacturing plant or construction site, propane is the fuel of choice.